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Car Vinyl Wrap Perth

Vinyl Wrap and paint protection

Car Wrapping Services Perth

Experienced Vinyl Wrapping Experts in the Perth area. 

If you’re looking for quality vinyl installation, friendly staff and long lasting products that you can trust, we're here to help.

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Vinyl Car Wrapping Perth

Vinyl is still one of the very best ways to give your car an entirely new look without damaging or repainting its original paintwork. 

If you're looking on how our vinyl wraps are installed on a vehicle, call our team as we love talking about our craft! (And show it how it works in action) 

Vinyls can also be custom-designed  with any shape or size or graphics in mind so that no matter what type vehicle type being wrapped into they'll stay protected for the long term.

Perth Car Wrapping is prides itself on giving your vehicle that professional, stand out in a crowd touch. 

We have a unique step by step process for preparing our vinyl wraps which ensures they come out looking "wrinkle free" every time! It also ensures all your specifications are met by us on site or via custom printing.

If you need your car, motorcycle, truck or boat wrapped for paint protection against the elements were here 24/7. 

We also offer personalised window graphics upon request. 

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Vehicle Signage Wraps Perth

Our signage team specialises in designing, producing and installing car signage to suit all budgets. 

We understand how important it is to provide our customers the best materials and service possible, helping you to create eye catching graphics that promote your business or professional service.

Vehicle signage wrapping is a cost-effective way to promote your business and build brand awareness. 

Unlike other forms of advertising and marketing, like print or TV ads, printed car wraps are like a moving billboard in your local area.

Most businesses who Invest in car signage will attract new potential customers like never before! 

Contact our team today so we can get started drawing up a signage proposal. 

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Paint Protection Film Perth

Potholes, stones and other road debris can cause serious damage in your car. 

But not to worry! 

A quality paint protection film will easily stop scratches or chips ruining the exterior of your vehicle. 

Take your car's paint protection to the next level with our paint protection services. 

This is a clear, invisible wrapped film that can be applied quickly and leaves no mess or visible signs on installation behind! 

The Clear Bra protection film also has self healing properties which means it'll last much longer than other types of vinyl films typically do.

Some other Benefits Of Paint Protection Film Are:

● A protective coating for your car that eliminates small dents and cracks

● Eliminate nearly all risk of rocks chips & debris causing chips to your car

● Computer generated print out ensures a perfect fit every time.

●  Resistant substances such as oils and fats (easier to keep clean)

● An affordable vinyl upgrade that can be removed with ease, which also improves vehicle resale value.

Give Your Vehicle a Fresh Look

full car wrap perth

Give Your Vehicle a Fresh Look

Long Lasting, Durable Vinyl Wrap

Turn your vehicle into a driving masterpiece

Perth Vinyl Wrappers is a team of experts, who can transform your ride into something really special! 

We have a wide range of vinyl wraps that protects your original paintwork, but still allow for custom finishes in a range of product designs. 

We use a variety of wrapping materials available including 3M vinyl & alclad black wrap - so there's something for every owner.

All of our vinyls are long lasting, affordable designs that let you personalise your ride. Each installation is a step by step process where we we'll work closely with you to make sure your design is exactly how you imagined it in your mind! 

We take the time to bring your creation to life by, whether that's a full wrap, custom logos of graphics, colour changing technologies or vehicle signage. 

Customised Vinyl Car Wrap For Every Vehicle in Perth

Why do customers love our vinyl wraps? Custom vinyl car wraps transform your vehicle into a one-of-a kind rolling creation that is unique only to YOU! 

We offer personalised quotes, logos and other printed customisations to make sure every customer has the design they deserve!

We believe our designs, products and service make us the best place to get your car wrapped in Perth. We're a team of friendly and professional staff, we can apply any design from simple flames and lines or complex patterns! 

If you want customised done right then give us a call today.

Perth Paint Protection Experts

Stand out in the crowd. Designs and Specialist Vinyls for Luxury Vehicles.
Long Lasting Quality Vinyl Wrap Perth

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Car Vehicle Signage Perth

Unique Signs To Drive More Business

Your business signage reflects your business. That's why a professionally wrapped car or van will help you to give your business the credibility it deserves! 

From large corporate businesses and sole business operators, we can wrap any sized vehicle with the best service and products in the Perth area! 

Whether your car is brand new or older -  our team can handle everything from A to Z.  

We can also provide expert graphic design to make your vehicle an eye catching rolling billboard!

You should contact our team to get started with car signage installation! 

We're the only company you'll need.

How it's done

The Full Vinyl Wrapping Process

How we create beautiful long lasting vinyl wraps
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Wash & Decontamination Of The Vehicle

Our professional grade car cleaning equipment are able to reach every nook and cranny on your vehicle, while also being gentle. The high pressure water jet cleanses the exterior of even hard-to-reach areas like underneath truck beds!

We do this to ensure that the vinyl film properly adheres, so there's no dirt or debris on top of your paint. It’s important for a smooth finish but also ones free from blemishes- after all you can't achieve perfection if something is interfering with its surface!

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Remove Any Exterior Components

With our team of qualified technicians, you can be sure that your car will look great! We offer in-house prestige and vehicle specialists who remove all necessary components for a clean wrap job. 

Many cheap car wrapping alternatives don't extend this preparation stage like we do because they're not as careful with their workmanship or product quality - but at Perth Car Wrapping it's part of what sets us apart from other companies. The attention given by our staff towards each customer before, during AND after every project is unmatched anywhere else on the market today!

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Apply Vinyl Car Wrap

The vinyl film is then applied by two or three of our technicians, to ensure the most seamless finish possible. 

They monitor your temperature throughout and make sure to wrap all edges of panels so you can enjoy an easy installation process that will last for years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Questions about getting your car wrapped? We've got you covered.

What Are The Benefits Of A Full Car Wrap?

Vehicle wrapping vinyl can be easily removed so that when you want to sell your vehicle, it will have the original colour again without losing value. You'll get more money for a car in good condition with its previous paint job! There are many reasons why a car might be wrapped. You can get designs with your own logo, or just something different from what the company offers!

What's The Cost For A Full Car Vinyl Wrap?

The cost of wrapping a vehicle depends on a number of factors, but normally ranges from $2900-$3900. (Depending on size of vehicle) 

If you own a larger vehicle, like an SUV or work van this will might be slightly more expensive. 

The price also varies depending upon the final design, and how complex it is. A simpler more straight forward job may require less time investment, making it less expensive. 

How Long Does Car Wrap Typically Last?

A professionally applied vehicle wrap will last up to 5-7 years depending on the final product selected.

Will Applying A Full Car Wrap Damage My Vehicles Existing Paint Work?

This is a very common question - but the good news is applying vehicle wrap to your vehicle will not damage the paintwork in anyway! However, please keep in mind that if you already have existing stone chips or minor paint defects it's important that when vinyl is removed from their surfaces. Unfortunately, due to the nature of vinyl's adhesion, these flaws tend to get get worse due in part because they may pull loose the paint work around the damaged area. 

Can I Just Get Selected Parts Of My Car Wrapped?

Although vehicle wrapping is an effective to do a whole vehicle, getting parts done is also possible. You can choose to wrap just a single panel - for instance if you only want your roof of bonnet covered with vinyl this is completely possible, plus it also look good while protecting them the surface from scratches!

If your budget permits, we personally recommend opting to do both sides of a vehicle at once in order, as this avoids any ugly seams or gaps that may reflect poorly on your car's resale value.

What's The Extra Cost To Add Chrome To The End Product?

You know that sleek, chrome trim on your car? The type of accessory you can't imagine driving without. Well how about we upgrade to an even better looking and longer lasting version - at a fraction of the cost! With our help these pieces will look as good today as they did when first installed years ago. Installation takes just minutes so don’t let those harsh winter months keep you from showing off all those new looks.

"Knocked it out of the park!"
– Michael E.
“The guys at Perth Vinyl Wrap did such an amazing job of my Subaru. I had a lot of tiny details that I was initially worried about, but they totally knocked it out of the park! I can't recommend them enough.”
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